My father was a poet and I grew up on meter and rhyme.  Once, when I was in elementary school,  I wrote a story about a wolf.  My father  praised me for the phrase “slippery sharp” which I had used to describe the wolf’s teeth.  A child has never been prouder than I was that day.  Decades, indeed a lifetime later, and I have not trumped that literary accomplishment until now.   Finally, I have found my calling and my voice.  My father has been dead a long time, but I am sure that he would be pleased to see the art that he valued so highly reflected in me.

         In these virtual pages, I include some of my writing, both poetry and prose, completed and works in progress.  My writing is quite dark at times as I explore my childhood and those times when things have been a challenge.  But, perhaps as comic relief, my children’s poetry is light and cheerful as I draw heavily on my experiences as a mother.  

         Please enjoy. 


My two children's books, Little Leona of Monsters and Fire and Little Leona and a Chessie Tale, are now in print.   You can purchase copies on Amazon by clicking on either title.