Trip Down the Cereal Aisle


Little Larry squares his shoulders

A glint is in his eye

Takes the measure of his choices

From his perch up high.


His mother pushing back and forth

Provides a gentle ride

Lets him ponder his selection

With slow and steady stride.


He spies the magic Leprechaun

Green derby on his head

Then Tony lunges suddenly

And roars  “Take me instead!”


The Crispy Boys step to the front

Snap, Crackle and then Pop

Until Honey Bee swarms in close

Dripping honey on the lot.


The fruity Toucan flies beside

The Bunny playing tricks.

The crafty Count can only look

As Larry sees his pick.


The Captain smartly marches forth

Liveried, standing tall

Another of my kind, he thinks

And likes him best of all.


For his troops are home and waiting

Aligned across the floor

The return of their lost general

To lead them into war. 


So with a solemn nod his way

The choice it is now made

His mother reaches, procures his prize

In front of him displayed.


The cart is moving faster now

He looks behind to check

The Captain is still watching him

Saluting with respect!