There is a beast in Scotland

That roams the hills, you see

A creature strange to be sure

On the cliffs above the sea.


Its fur is sparse and mangy

Its eyes are quick and keen

And its legs are quite amazing

The strangest you’ve ever seen.


Always on the mountainside

And needing to run around

Nature has assisted

Creating a curious hound.


The uphill legs are shorter

To keep the beast upright

As it laps the Scottish highlands

It is a wondrous sight.


For on the level it cannot walk

Without an obvious tilt

Always off kilter to be sure

For the flat, it was not built.


So the hunters chase it from the slopes

There it can outrun the best

And force it down to the moor

Where they can kill their quest.


No matter for the dinner plate

For the meat is tasty fine

The legs, they make no difference

When once you sit to dine.