I say, “Riley, let’s go for a walk!”

Knowing I will put on his leash, he sits down

Then it’s out to the road where he stops to sniff

To see who interesting has been around.

Soon settling into his prancey stride

At the end of the street he decides to turn right


When suddenly the leash is taut as right

Behind us, a zooming car hinders our walk

As  Riley wants to run not stride

The leash wraps around me, I may fall down

And without anyone to help around,

I’ll be that something other dogs will sniff.


I do not want to be that whiff to sniff

And so I hold on tight to right

Myself and turn myself around,

And say, “Hey, this is supposed to be a walk!

You shouldn’t knock me down!”

But his car mania I must take in stride.


Eventually, Riley regains his stride

Nose to each blade of grass worth a sniff,

Always keeping his head down,

Never veering left or right,

Properly now back on our walk,

Until we reach the turnaround…


When he stops short, looking back around

“Oh no!” I say, as he slows his stride

I am forgotten, so too our walk

As into the air he lifts his nose to sniff

Then I see the red sports car turning right

Onto our street, the pedal pressing down…


Don’t fear, dear reader,  I’ve got this down

For Riley (and me) there’ll be no run around.

I raise my head and know I’ll be alright.

As I move forward with steady stride

For in this instance, I am up to sniff

I mean snuff, as we continue on our walk.


Now Riley, if you want these walks around

Just settle down and follow me in stride

To sniff not chase will keep us both upright.