Website Launch

Launching a website is like trying to publish an essay.  You put yourself out there hoping that someone else finds your words as thrilling and consequential as you do.  You prepare yourself for criticism and convince yourself it will be for your own good.  You prepare yourself for outright rejection or worse, no  response at all.  It’s only polite to respond, right?  And so it is with this website.  Though I tried to make it reflective of who I am, both in the design and the poems and essays I posted, I was not completely sure what effect it would have on a broader audience.  As the compliments, encouragements and criticisms are now pouring in, I am convinced I met my goal.  From all the words in all the emails a picture is emerging.  It is clear to me that people are reacting to the website, as they would react to my work, as they would react to me.  That’s the best I can do.  If my voice can permeate and project who I am through whatever means, then I have succeeded.  Because in the end, that’s why I write—not just to be heard, but to have others relate to and understand me.