My Library Visit

          I needed to do some research for my writing and visited the regional library on West Street a few days ago.  If you remember from a previous post, the library is now carrying Little Leona of Monsters and Fire.  So after I finished my work, I walked over to the children’s section to find my book.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I thought it might be misfiled, since kids often return books to the wrong shelf.  But no luck.  So I went to the librarian to ask for her help.  She looked my book up in the computer and then apologized to me that I couldn’t have it because IT WAS CHECKED OUT!  

          “Really,”  I said. “Are you sure?” 

          “Yes, but I can see if we have a copy in another location…”

          I then explained that I was the author which she said accounted for the silly grin on my face.  Checked out.  Without any effort on my part, someone decided to read it on their own.  Wow.  I am so honored.  There is nothing sweeter for an author than someone else providing this kind of validation.